Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Adventures

This is my couison lanie isint she so cute she is smart to she is our teeniest, tinyist cousin.

this is my aunt Emily and my mom look how big Emily is smiling. Doesn't it make you happy? Doesn't it look like Corrinne because she has a smile just like her mom!These are my cousins. One is named Emily the other one is Corrinne and the middle one is me. We are playing Singstar because my grandma and grandpa have Singstar and we are singing together. I'm sharing my microphone with Corrinne. We were having so much fun because we don't get to see eachother very much. For dessert, we had chocolate covered bananas. Yummmm. The End.
This is me and my grandma i came down to spend time with her and we made a snowman because it was snowing and we had a blast. It's name was...well...i forgot. But it was a girl, it had long white hair and it had a carrot nose, raisin eyes and mouth, and sticks for arms and it was a really cute snowman. After that, we went in and took our shoes off and put on our pj's and had some hot cocoa. We had really really fun, the end.

This is a little dog named Chica. She is so cute and cuddly. She loves people and is a really good dog. I got a new dog and his name is Guinness. My uncle Brandon asked my dad if he could go hiking so I went to hang out with Danielle because it sounded like a good idea. My dog and Chica had a tug war. The dogs had so much fun together and me and Danielle had so much fun watching them. Me and Danielle did yoga tricks, had snacks, played freeze dance and we had so much fun! The End.


Im Cassidy and im so excited i have a new blog im 8 ok im going to tell you a new story so it was sort of close to Father's Day and I painted a picture for my dad and in the back of it it said im going to give my dad a "moosehoge" for 2 hours. Mom and Dad thought it was funny because it was suppose to say "massage"! The End. Bye Bubba Family